Agra, India

Monday, June 17, 1929

Had a bum night of it. A storm came up at one and we had to get up and carry our charpoys inside our room. Then instead of breaking, the storm passed over with nothing more than lightning and thunder. It was so beastly hot indoors we had to carry them out of doors a half hour later.

Plenty hot today. Late this afternoon we rode with to the bazaars. They are pretty good ones and pretty clean. Interesting, especially so since the Moslem festivals are in progress there. (Moharrum Festival in honor of Hossein’s death, Hossein being the grandson of the Prophet.) The place was packed. Nearby rose the domes of the large Jami Masjid, and across the RR tracks towered the gateway and red sandstone walls of the Fort.

Too hot to write more. Perspiration running down me in streams as though I had just come out from a swim. However, it is cool outside. A few score fool ants don’t seem to realize this. Size doesn’t lend them brains. [Very wrong!]

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