Agra, India

Saturday, June 22, 1929

Rotten luck seems to run all together. The money is still a missing entity and I can’t go on without it. Today would be Saturday, so I have to wait till Monday now. Tried telephoning Cook’s in Delhi for information, but couldn’t raise them. I have a hunch my first wire was never delivered in Calcutta. Thus I wired again today and if no results by Monday I shall have to take to phoning again. This $100 will be $25 if I don’t find it soon. As it is, I have barely enough (I hope) to get to Colombo on. 2,000-odd miles on some $25 or so. More darned fun. I’ll be hopping trains next.

Again visited the Taj early this morn. Was darned hot till late this afternoon when dark clouds rolled up with a few drops of rain, cooling things off by about 40°.

The Hindu wedding ceremony is still going full force. At the present time the off-color band is putting out an awful brand of noise and it has been the same piece for the last half hour. [The link is to Bismillah Kahn, one of the world’s best musicians!] Now all are rained out except a drummer.

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