Agra, India

Sunday, June 23, 1929

Rather cloudy today, but still pretty warm in spite of a breeze. We slept late, seven o’clock, and spent practically all day reading, writing, washing clothes, and I studied a couple of hours on Physics. Among other things I spent about three hours reading about what I hope to see in the next eight or ten days en route to Colombo. Southern India seems to be completely different than is Northern India. In fact, we ┬áhave yet to find in India two places alike. Wish I could spend at least ten days between Calcutta and Colombo, but unless I get “something” unexpectedly from Rangoon, I shall be more than darned lucky if I ever make Colombo. According to the guide book, it is just 2,500 miles from Agra.

Took a ride in the evening with Mort, down through the bazaars, across the river to a point opposite the Taj. Here the view is not obstructed and one can see the Taj together with the mosque and its complement, the assembly hall. The pink in the west was just fading and the white marble stood out clearly against a dark blue-gray background. Its appearance at a distance belies its true size.

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