Honolulu, Hawaii

Wednesday, October 23, 1929

Spent much of the morning in the Y tank and reading, finishing Kipps by H.G. Wells. Now I am reading Meanwhile by the same author.

A new restaurant now centers about my eating life, the Hawaiian Café by name. Not a bad place and one can buy a good filling meal for two bits and apple pie a la mode for another dime.

Took a tram to Waikiki Beach after lunch and was only prevented from a swim by the fact that I had nothing in which to swim except my birthday suit—and I don’t think the styles have yet reached that phase. Returning on the tram I met the Ambroses on their way to town.

The movie at the Y was a wild one—all about bachelors and love. The villain won out in this case though. Vance came along and we shot the bull till the night watchman made us close down.

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