Honolulu, Hawaii

Thursday, October 24, 1929

Vance came down this morning with a bathing suit he has kindly given me, then drove out to the Ambroses at ten where I disembarked to go swimming, he going on to his 10:30 class. The Ambroses have a nice little cottage near the beach at $75 a month. Swimming today was not as nice as it might have been for the rollers came in with pieces of coral rock that didn’t do one’s feet or ankles any particular good. However, we all had an enjoyable time—present in full force—Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose, Anny, Winney, and little Bobby.

Returned to the cottage for lunch and I later went to town. Missed a call from Vance. Visited the Aloha Tower, 10 stories worth of view to be had from the top, and a nice sight one has—Honolulu‘s business district, its outlying portions of residential sections half hidden in the flourishing vegetation, verdant green hills heavy hung with rain clouds, ultramarine sea of deepest hue, a dazzling glare across the H2O from a sinking sun, ships loading alongside the docks, airplanes, submarines. Not bad.

I became curious to know why the Harbor Master took me for an Englishman or Australian (as many have recently) and inquired, to learn I had an English accent. I am not aware of it but am not surprised either.

Met a sailor, Gardiner, tonight. Good egg. Is on the R-16, a sub. May see him Monday when they have visitors day. Also another young man whose father has been decorated by the King of Italy and has letters from His Majesty and also Mussolini.

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