Honolulu, Hawaii

Tuesday, October 29, 1929

Spent the morning in swimming and finished A Farewell to Arms in the afternoon. The book had a good write-up, I guess, but I am not sure I like the style. I think it goes to the extreme of modern style—so far that it often sounds juvenile and childish. Still, it is a good story and I like its frankness.

The dreaded job of packing up my junk to go to Hawaii asserted itself about two and I dumped a few things in a blanket and left the rest at the Y.

Prices are cruel from Honolulu to Hilo—$6 steerage one way. No way around it, so I paid. Sailed at four. Oahu looked mighty picturesque as we sailed up the coast close in—Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head, Koko Point, and off toward the other islands. I read a book on Hawaii Mrs. Noble had given me and at dark put my blanket on the deck and rolled in. It was not crowded for once. Every so often I would wake up and watch the islands sail by—Lanai, Kahoolaue, Maui, and Molokai. We made a stop at Lahaina, Maui—stopped out from shore and sent a motor launch or two in with passengers and luggage. The more I laid my bones on the deck, the better I liked getting up, but then, it really was a little soft, not too hard.

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