Honolulu, Hawaii

Thursday, November 7, 1929

Tuesday evening while at dinner we all began the usual discussions. They drifted to an article that had appeared in the morning Advertiser—a letter to the editor questioning the good appearance, efficiency, and several other things in connection with the Honolulu police force. The opportunity for fun was too great, so we wrote a crazy letter in answer and took it into the newspaper. The thing appeared this morning and several friends have commented.

Spent some time today in the Art Museum. Quite a decent collection of paintings, sketches, and etchings to be found there together with a few relics of various ages and places such as weapons, furniture, tapestries, models of statues, etc. Then I went out to the Aquarium where a mighty interesting variety of brilliantly colored and queerly shaped fish are on display in mediocre tanks.

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