Honolulu, Hawaii

Friday, November 8, 1929

Fooled around with the “unholy three” this afternoon and had dinner with them tonight. Later Vance and I dropped in to see Jimmy and Evelyn Cataline, newly married kids, and Ray, who boards with them. Then rode out to Koko Head, a charming spot by moonlight—the extinct volcano, sea, moon, lights of Honolulu—the old gag but always attractive. Later drove down through the “low” section of the city in search of something interesting but apparently the sidewalks had been pulled in for the night.

Have met a number of people at the Y including a Mr. Hill, extremely interested in things Hawaiian and Jim Campbell, a former Georgia Tech by now working over here. He and Shorty Townsend were good friends here. Seems as though Shorty and Jim Butler (the Butler I knew in East High?) drove down to California where Shorty sold his Chrysler and with Jim came to Honolulu. That was some seven months ago. He disliked the place and returned to the States.

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