Honolulu, Hawaii

Sunday, November 10, 1929

Big times. Vance and Jeff called this morning and we all went swimming at Waikiki with Eddy and John. After one of Yoshi’s good dinners, the house became studious over the school lessons. The best way to do this comfortably was sans shirt, parked in a chair in the yard. After some of Fannie Parker’s poems and nursery rhymes, I sedulously took to Wells and Webster’s.

Went to the Waikiki tea room or whatever it is for a bite of dinner, then called for the three girls who were to complete two tables of bridge—Margaret Nigh or however she spells it, Alice Grayden, and Ellen Leath. Ellen and I fared well till the game degenerated into “I Doubt It” and “Concentration“.

Seems as though people started to dance to the three pieces next. Later all the girls gave solo exhibitions of the Hula, Eddy being the best. Some dance—very graceful and expressful when done properly. Each movement tells something. The poetry of Hawaiians is the hula. However, it has been much corrupted and the foreign idea of the hula is n.g.

Had a big time—and I’m home long before two. Lovely moon over the pond, especially as seen from Waikiki—like you read about.

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