rural Holland

Monday, September 10, 1928

Went to Am.Exp.Co. first and found no mail. Met a boy who lives in Wisconsin there; his name is the German for Friday [Freitag]. He is cycling now and going to school in Zurich. We walked about for a couple of hours. Then I went to the Am.Exp.Co. and had some money changed into marks. There was not much to see in the city and so I decided to start out for Hamburg. Besides, my room was anything but cheerful. Got my things together and had three pieces of bread with bologna and a cup of coffee for lunch. My bill for room and two meals was 2 gilders/11 cents or about 85¢. With dandy conditions I rode 75.5 miles from 1:30 to 7 PM. The road went under miles of beautiful woods and along canals. I have enjoyed my trip through Holland more than in any other country.

After a long search I found a nice room for 1 gilder and am eating a loaf of raisin bread and water for dinner. Spent 85¢ today and had a glass of good beer to boot. I may make ends meet yet.

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