rural Germany

Tuesday, September 11, 1928

Left about 8 and it was cloudy till noon. Roads got worse as I neared Germany. After 42 miles I crossed at border and stopped to eat at Blenheim, [No, Hall, it’s Bad Bentheim] a small town with a huge, massive, medieval castle on a hill in its midst. Germany is cheaper, and I had a fine lunch, two helpings of everything for 2 M. That was just a start but I had to quit.

Later I climbed an apple tree and filled up on apples. Have a fine room here. I jewed down to 1½ M. Have finished getting all cleaned up and washed my clothes and sewed up over 12 holes in my sweater. Am sitting in bed eating my dinner of raisin bread and water. Am getting into hills again. Have done something to nerve in right hand as two little fingers have been numb for two days. School has started here for the kiddies. I enjoy staying in Germany for the people are friendly and don’t try to take your last cent.

Miles of country near border is sand and purple heather. Spent $1.10 and rode 93 miles. Have decided to live off the country and so am going to buy a little pan in which to cook apples, potatoes, cabbage, beets, and turnips. They should be easy to get in the fields.

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