Hamburg, Germany

Friday, September 14, 1928

This morning I was very tired and slept till nine. First I rode to the Am.Exp.Co. to find out about a route to Copenhagen I had in mind that would be cheaper. It was. I found that I could get a boat from a small place in Rügens, Sassnitz, to Trälleborg, Sweden, for $3. The rail fare through Sweden and a short boat ride to Copenhagen should not be much. The trip should not exceed $15, all included. Got my Swedish and Danish visas free and then had some money changed, so I again have money of three countries in my pockets.

By this time I was plenty hungry and it was noon, so I went in a restaurant and ordered a vegetable dinner. It was really a wow. Cost 2.80 M, but you have to eat a decent meal once in a while. My appetite is really terrible and as much as I ate didn’t fill me, so after riding about the city several miles on my bike, I bought a large loaf of rye bread and ate mustard on it while I wrote a letter to Hory and washed my socks. By this time it was four, so I took a long walk till nearly seven, mostly down by the docks and through a park. It is very interesting to watch the tremendous shipping going on in the great ship canals. It makes you feel mighty far away and makes you wish you were on one bound for the States. The streets are full of many strangely dressed people from all over the world. On the way back I bought a little package of cheese for 40pf or 10¢. My commissary department is really a money saver. I washed my hair and now, before eight, I am in bed starting bread, cheese, mustard, a bar of chocolate, and water for dinner, which is really a feast.

Today I was called down for the horn on my bike. It is against the law. Also had a cop yell at me for turning the wrong way in a one-way street. The town is very pretty and I like it better than any German town I have yet been in. The Alster Lakes in the center of town make it very pretty. There are many modern structures here. The many boulevards are pretty and only in the slums are the streets very narrow. There are a number of very high church steeples here. That of the large Petri Church is the prettiest, being of Gothic style and ornate as is the whole church. It is 433 ft. high. The St. Nicholas Church has a very fine tower 482 ft. in height. At the west end of the lake is Jungfernstieg, scene of the busiest traffic and center of fashionable life, and believe me, the traffic sure goes there. They toot their horns all the time and you have to move quickly. The city is a very clean one. There are a number of canals in the city. I am getting rested up for the trip to Sassnitz which I believe is near 225 miles. Have to get the 4:10 PM boat Sunday which gives me a little over a day and a half. Spent $1.57 today. Too much, if ends are to meet.

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